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Megan Brown and Levi Cash

Blonde, blue eyed, and sweet Megan Brown walks into the living-room of her fantasies. She just hasn’t realized it yet, setting there in a denim miniskirt and willing to show us what makes he so very hot! Levi is there to show her all the amazing things she could be and should be doing with her smoking hot athletic body! After a little finger play and beaver-diving Megan eagerly devours Levi’s enormous penis, probing herself the whole time! Levi goes down on her again, lesbian college girls in a standing 69 before they get to the amazing xxx action!

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Summer Slate and Daniel Hunter

amature college porn It doesn’t take some starlets long to find their feet as complete and utter starlets. Summer Slate knows that she’s going after every cock that she can, and she also knows that Daniel Hunter is next on her list. She’s practically dragging him to the bed, bending over and showing off that petite booty. Her shirt gets pulled down almost immediately, with her completely and utterly dripping cunt ready for that dicking. He takes his time in teasing her and making her wait for that tool, spreading out her legs and licking her until he’s ready to slide on in.

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